How Your Wedding Decorations Affect Your Wedding Portraits


Wedding portrait photography is all about the setting. Of course, the quality of your wedding photographers comes into play, but a lot depends on what it is they are working with. You could have the best Kent Photographer at your disposal, such as Lovepear Photography, but if the setting, read wedding decoration, is not up to par, the end product will not exactly be their best work.

This is something that many wedding planners know. That is why most of the work hand in hand with a wedding photography expert to come up with the best possible decoration setting. As fabulous as you would want your venue to be, you need to bare this in mind. Sometimes, some things just have to be placed where you do not want them to be to improve the overall look. But this does not mean that you have to compromise. That is why you need to deal with professionals. People who know how to 'save you from yourself' all the while giving you exactly what you want. Here are some of the most problematic wedding decoration sectors that you might have to rely on expert opinion.


Lighting in particular is very problematic. If you do not get it right, your wedding portraits may not be as brilliant as you would expect them to be. Of course, every professional photographer comes with their own lighting equipment. But when you are dealing with a room filled with 2-500 people, you will need a lot more light than portrait lighting equipment can provide. This is where you rely on the decorator to provide the best kind of lighting they can. Lighting that will illuminate the best in people without giving them heat stroke.

Overall Decor

This is a nightmare to many wedding planners and wedding photographers. Finding the right balance between what the couple wants and what is actually practical from a wedding photography stand point is no easy task. It will take a lot of deliberation and suggestions from the three parties involved (the couple, decorator/planner and photographer) to come up with the perfect decor. Decoration that will flatter the portraits taken and still please the bride.

The whole point of hiring professionals is so you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience. Be clear on what it is you want but also be willing to listen to astute advice on which direction would flatter the images the most. With just a little consultation, you can find the perfect balance that will immortalize your special day in the best possible light.