How To Rekey A Door Lock

The process to rekey a door lock requires less than an hour of effort and less than $20. Sometimes, you may also need to purchase a new door lock and replace the old one with it. A majority of the locksmiths rekey the door lock for free. Many people prefer choosing this option for saving a few bucks but they end up with the fear of someone having access to their home with a copy key.
Here is a step-by-step guide to rekey a door lock yourself and make your home a safer place to live.

Step #1: Purchase a Pinning Kit
Pinning kit or rekeying kit is easily available on all hardware stores. You can also buy pinning kits online. Most of the kits contain lock pins and tools like plug follower, ring remover and cylinder follower. Make sure that the pinning kit tools can be used to rekey any lock. Specialized kits rekey specific locks only and are not usable for all types of locks.

Step #2: Remove the Door Knob
Almost all rekeying kits have wire tool for removing the clip which holds door knob in its place. But if your rekeying kit does not have one then unbend a paper clip and insert it into the tiny hole near clip.

Step #3: Remove the Lock cylinder
Push the small brass tube or lock cylinder to remove the cover over it and then take out the lock cylinder.

Step #4: Remove the cylinder Ring
A wrench like ring remover is used to remove the cylinder ring. Keep the cylinder ring safe. It will be used when reassembling the lock.

Step #5: Remove the Cylinder Plug
Remove the cylinder plug by separating the upper and lower lock pins. Make sure to keep the springs in place. Remove the bullet-shaped old lock pins.

Step #6: Put New Lock Key in the Cylinder
Inserting the new lock key in cylinder will push the springs on either sides and make partial way for new lock pins.

Step #7: Insert New Lock Pins
The modern lock pins are not bullet shaped. These are color coded and numbered to match the given chart. Find the needle-nosed pliers or tweezers from your toolkit to insert the lock pins in the cylinder. When you will insert the key in the lock, the new pins will automatically align. Sometimes, pins are not coded. In this case, you will either match the pin shape with diagrams in the chart or use try and error method. The latter type consumes a lot of time therefore it is better to purchase coded pins only.

Step #8: Reassemble the Lock
Put the cylinder plug and its pin in their positions and reattach the lock face with the door. Make sure to test the keys before tightly fixing the door knob. The keys should immediately unlock the door if you have correctly assembled the pins.

Some locksmiths also have master key tools which make a new key within seconds. But these tools have pattern recording system with which the locksmith may make another copy of the key. When you rekey a door lock on your own, it brings peace of mind and releases stress.