Astrabeds Offers Ergostar Evolution Adjustable Beds


There are a lot of adjustable beds out there in the world today. Most of them are worth buying because of what they can do for you. They give great support and relief to people suffering from back and joint pain. They can be a great support for the old and infirm. They also offer benefits to everyone who just wants to sleep comfortably at night and get the most out of their bed. When it comes right down to it, an adjustable bed is just better than a regular bed could ever be.

The Major Specs Of The Ergostar Evolution Adjustable Bed

Astrabeds offer a very good adjustable bed with the ErgoStar Evolution adjustable bed. It’s more expensive than the typical adjustable bed but it’s also so much more than the “typical” adjustable bed. The remote gives you access to the adjustable features of the bed, letting you shift the head and foot positions to find the best position for you. People feel tension in different areas and need their own unique positions to sleep just right. So find the best position for you and enjoy it. There are some preset positions built into the remote including the optimal positons for watching TV from bed and the most well-known position: Zero Gravity. The Zero Gravity is the perfect position for stress relief. You’re moved into a position that relieves the stress on any pressure point and leaves you feeling, for all intents and purposes, like you’re really in zero gravity.



Highly Adjustable Head And Foot Sections

The head section can be adjusted up to 60 degrees, with 45 available on the foot section, giving you plenty of freedom to find the right position. When you find the one just for you feel free to save it as a preset position. That way you can get right back there with the press of a button. Dual massage motors that power a wave massage help increase relaxation even more. It’s almost impossible to be uncomfortable on this bed. Unless you mess around too much and find an uncomfortable position. Luckily if you do that you can get back to a flat base by pressing just one button.

Wireless Remote Controller

The remote for the bed is wireless and has backlit buttons. You won’t lose it easily. You can also put the bed in the right position before you even get into it. The buttons of the remote are also simple and easy to understand, making it easy for you to control the bed right from the get go and let nothing get in the way of you enjoying yourself.

Maximum Safety Standards

The ErgoStar Evolution conforms to all safety standards and is a reliable and safe product you can feel comfortable using. With all of this in mind the only thing that should stop you from buying the bed is the expensive price tag. It’s a costly bed but worth it if you can afford it. There’s a lot right about this bed and it has a lot going for it. If it’s too expensive then there are cheaper alternatives for you to consider. Adjustable beds are easily worth every penny and a worthwhile investment. Sleep well with the help of an adjustable bed.